Kansas Marketing Association

"Cart" Across Kansas Program

Help us make this cart display immediately recognized as containing Kansas products!

We plan to place as many cart displays as possible in Kansas stores and locations to intice people to buy products "From the Land of Kansas." It will give you, the store or the business operator, both a very attractive display for which to sell Kansas products and the distinction of being a big supporter of Kansas and Kansas products.

The "cart" is a front to be attached to a six foot display table which will give it the feel of an old time product cart. It is designed to be easily set up. If you look at the drawing, it will show that is c-clamps to the talbe top. Many "From the aLand of Kansas" companies will be using this display at the Kansas showcase in Wichita and at other product shows. We are attempting to promote a very large number of these displays across Kansas to promote people to by Kansas products. It will let customers immediately recognize that is contains Kansas products. The cost of each cart (table not included) is $300. If you have multiple locations buy one for each location! We'll hve you $25 off of the cart for orders of 5 or more.

Help us promote Kansas customers to buy Kansas Products. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Send to:     Ed Henry/KMA
             Box 42
             Greenleaf, KS  66943      or email to ehenry@midusa.net

____ I wish to sponsor KMA at   ____ $500 level
                                ____ $1,500 level
                                ____ $2,000 level
                                ____ $5,000 level

____ I wish to order ____ cart displays at $300 each ($275 each if 5 or more)

Total Enclosed ____________

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Contact Person                    Company Name

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