Kansas Marketing Association

Some Useful Contacts
For Your Business

Do you have a contact or source that could be useful to other members of the KMA? Please share them with us. The following are given as possible contacts or useful sources for your business.

For design and printing color brochures. Price $399. Includes 2500 full color printed sheets, photography, typesetting, separation, color proof, printing, 80 Ib. gloss stock, free bleed, no charge for reverse type, no charge for overruns. Call Jeannie Judson, 1-800-214-0701. Tell her you were referred by Diana Freund with KMA.

Dean Haas is a sales representative interested in gourmet foods. If you would like to talk to him about selling your Kansas product you can contact him at: Haas & Associates, 682 Palisades Drive, Akron, Ohio 44303; 330-864-0046 (phone); 330-864- 0748 (fax).

Cynthia Hennigsen is interested in finding Kansas products for consignment selling. She has stores in Colby, KS; North Platte, NE; and Blackwell, OK. If you are interested, you can contact her at International Market (White Factory Outlet Stores), 2270 Harry Lazarus Ave., Colby, KS 67701, 913-462-8080.


Lori Robbins (Home on the Range & Co.) has made contact with a corporation that wants to put together high dollar gift boxes of Kansas foods. This would be good exposure for your Kansas product. For more information contact Lori or you can write to Anda Heukels, 225 Jade Street, Broomfield, CO 80020 or call as soon as possible, 303-466-9625.

REGISTRATION for Government Contracts Now Available via Internet

PRO-Net, the U S Small Business Administration's internet registration system for contracting is available to all small businesses (replacing the former SBA system known as PASS) This free service is easy to use via the internet at http://pro-net.sba.gov or at the PRO-Net Home Page at http://www.sba.gov Click on the registration button and follow the information on the screen Once your small business is registered, prospective government contracting officers may locate your business by searching the database. Government officials see PRO-Net as a vitual one- stop procurement shop for contracting, so get your business registered as soon as possible.

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