Kansas Marketing Association

Membership Drive

Gerald Jeffrey, Chairperson

Strengthen your organization by recruiting new members. The bigger we are, the stronger we are. By working together we can make a difference for "Kansas Value- Added."

The membership drive will begin February 7,1998 and go until June 7,1998. The first person or company to recruit seven new members who have paid their dues by June 7, 1998 will receive $50.00. (P.S. On the membership form, make sure to list your name too, so your company gets credit.) Feel free to copy the enclosed membership form to distribute to potential members.

A growing association needs new members constantly.


Calling Committee: Gerry Yost, Chairperson; Dan Coon, Gary Reynolds, Ruth Hale, Tom and Jeri Knoblock, Cinda Dienst, and Diana Endicott

The following committees need volunteers. Please volunteer for a committee if you haven't already.

       Marketing:               Jon Brewer, Chairperson
       Catalog/lnternet:        Shirley Voran, Chairperson
       Funding/Finance:         Diana Freund, Chairperson
       Seminars/Conventions:    Denise Voran-Goertzen, Chairperson
       Brochures/Newsletters:   Lori Robbins, Chairperson
       Membership:              Gerald Jeffrey, Chairperson
       Wholesale shows:	        Lori Robbins
       Retail shows:            Diana Freund and Lynn Kaufman
       Publicity:               Vacant


We need to know the date of each member's Birthday. (You don't have to share with us the year.) Call Shirley Voran at 316/855-7718 and leave a message.


Sometimes financing is a tricky issue for growing Kansas companies. Please check your area locations for grants. Ask for applications and if you need help filling them out, ask Shirley Voran for further information. When visiting with these companies ask them for the Economic Development for the community/business expansion.



Kansas Connections Catalogue is coming along great. What you can see in Kansas Connections is your product, its information, your regular telephone number, and your address. The catalog will be set up to promote one (1-800) number which will be placed with a fulfillment company. There, the orders will be placed with each company requested. A $2.95 charge will be added to each order from the fulfillment company. Lee, from the Department of Commerce, will be in touch with catalogue participants.


Shirley and David Voran were guest speakers at the RC&D first annual meeting in Pratt. A positive note was given for the Kansas Marketing Association. Shirley shared her "Value-Added Approach to Kansas." Are you planting seeds for the Kansas Marketing Association?


We need more information about your products in unit or each quantity mailed to Lee Masenthin at the Department of Commerce.
Lee Masenthin, Agriculture Products Development Division
700 S.W. Harrison Street, Suite 1300
Topeka KS 66603-3712
Telephone: 785/296-3736 or Fax: 913/296-3776


If you have not volunteered to be on committee, please do so. We need everybody, you can make a difference. P.S. If you don't have a preference, assignments to committees will be made.

KMA membership offers many items of interest. Shop from each other first. Do not expect new recruit companies to carry your products, if you are not willing to help promote theirs.

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