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Dear FLOK Member,

Kansas Marketing Association is thrilled to announce a bold, new initiative to give Kansas companies the chance to really make their presence known in the marketplace.

We are not only offering for slae a "produce car" which will let customers quickly know you are a Kansas company; we are offering three ways for you to drastically reduce and/or eliminate any cost to you for the cart and promote the purchase of Kansas products all at the same time! What a deal!

We plan to promote the "Cart Across Kansas" idea at each Kansas based show for the next couple of years and a number of years beyond that if it is as successful as we hope! Our goal is that when a customer sees the cart whether it be in a store, at a show, or on the web, that he/she immediately responds "there are some of those fantastic Kansas Products!"

Attached is an artist's depiction of how the cart will both look and how it will attach to a six foot display table at the shows where you show your Kansas products. We have a prototype and if you want to see it or a photo please call. The Freundly Company used it in the KC Gift Mart a couple of weeks ago and people raved about how great it looked!

You can display your products on the table on which the cart fits. This gives your booth a much more finished look than using a table cover and should not interfere with any signs you already have. Plus it will help you be recognized with all Kansas products grown, produced, or packaged in the proud manner that Kansans are noted for!

The cost of this display will be $300.00 - but let us give you three ways to make it more affordable:

  1. The Trade Show Assistance Grant from Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing will grant up to $250.00 per Kansas company per year for booth fees, booth decoration, and display enhancement. Contact Patty or Angie Clark at 785-296-3736 to request a grant application. Request $250.00 toward the purchase of a cart! We plan to have as many booths as possible. Have one at the Kansas Showcase this fall!

  2. Attached is information on a separate Sponsorship Program:
    1. Sell a $500 sponsorship and we'll give you $50 off the price of a cart or $50 off a website at kansasgrown.com (be aware that for this promotion, Hubris Communications will develop your web page for free - a $100 value! The ongoing cost for the web site is $300 per year!), plus a free KMA Membership.

    2. Sell a $1500 sponsorship and we'll give you $200 off either a cart or a website, and a free KMA membership.

    3. Sell more than that and we'll give you a cart, or a website, and membership free!

  3. Sell a cart for %300 to a grocery or other stor for them to display Kansas products and get $25 off per cart and a free KMA membership. Even better, share a cart with a local gift or grocery store and split the cost. You use it for shows, they use it the rest of the time.

Any funds raised from this promotion will be used to further expand the "Cart Across Kansas" program and support association activities (all designed to help sell your products or assist your small Kansas company). If you help us sell ads or carts as outlined in this promotion you could greatly reduce the cost of your booth at the Kansas Showcase in Wichita on November 20-22nd, where we plan to have our "Grand 1st Showing" of the cart program - so don't miss out! How grand this showing is depends on you! Help us to get immediate recognition of the Kansas products through one or all of the initiatives discussed! Help us train our consumers to respond "let's buy some of those great Kansas products", as soon as they see a cart display!

We are excited about Kansas products and we are thrilled to be able to assist as many Kansas companies as possible. The attached pages are for you to copy and use to sell either a "cart" or a "sponsorship." Remember, KMA is not a government sponsored or funded program and only it's membership and you can make it an effective means to give "From the Land of Kansas" products the recognition they deserve! Please do all you can to assist us and each Kansas company by making Kansas Products immediately recognized in the market place. If you have questions, call either Ed Henry at 785-747-8040, or any of our KMA board. Thanks for your help in spreading the recognition of all our great Kansas Prducts.

Ed Henry
Kansas Marketing Association

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