Kansas Marketing Association

Marketing Kansas Products - Always a Top Priority

by Ed Henry, President

It is a privilege to be serving as your president Like all of you I do not have the time but like always we make time for what we believe in My first order of business is to thank Roy Siebert for doing the hard work of starting KMA and serving as its first president. We hope he'll become our emissary (free of charge, of course) since he is now retired and has all this spare time!

I grew up a farmboy the last of a dozen kids on a small Seneca, Kansas farm. I milked cows. fed chickens and gathered eggs, plowed and disced fields (though Dad limited my cultivating fields of corn and milo because my day dreaming destroyed too many crops!) So. marketing Kansas products was installed in me from the start! Not until a few years ago did I realize the genius Dad had to be to raise 12 of us on that farm and survive in the process!

And I take over with some very exciting projects in the mill Farm Bureau has taken the lead by offering our participation in what looks like a very exciting "Buy Kansas Products" show this fall in Wichita at their annual convention We ask that you all participate and cooperate to make this a spectacular event!

We are working with Patty Clark and Angie Clark on how to this year's catalog and also how we can make or design it to sell more of your products Some great ideas are surfacing, so look for more information in the near future. As always, we look for any input you have.

We are look at ways to fund a part-time staff person as none of us have the spare time to really do what needs to be done to make KMA more effective Again. look for more information at a later date on how you can help us do this!

We are talking to representatives of the State Fair to discuss ways we could incorporate more companies in this very `Kansas" event

And we have other ongoing discussions that we hope will result in activities that will result in more ways to sell your Kansas product If you have a great idea. we always are looking for more; be sure and share them with us

As your president, I will work and get people to work as hard as we all can cooperatively to market Kansas products To me Kansans have always been good. hard-working. respectable folks. I believe our products reflect that spirit and plan to work very hard with and beside you all to make more people aware of these quality products they should he purchasing.

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