Kansas Marketing Association

Upcoming Show Information

April 24-26
3-I Show
Garden City

June 14
Cimarron Santa Fe Trail Festival

Kansas City Market
Fee - $275 00

Nashville, TN Market
Fee $275 00

September 5-14
Kansas State Fair

October 4-5
Kansas Sampler

November 22-23
Holiday Craft Festival
Quivera Council Boy Scouts
Century 2, Wichita

Contact Diana Freund, KMA Treasurer, for more information.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

by Shirley Voran, Secretary

New festival planned! The Cimarron Crossing Santa Fe Festival will be held in Cimarron, Kansas on June 14th. We want to feature a Kansas Co. exhibit. Booth fees are $35. The show is from 10 am to 6p.m. or so. Supper will be provided to all booth exhibitors and we are wanting donations for a Kansas Made supper. If you are interested, please contact Shirley Voran at 316-855-7718. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you here.

Our first Kansas Marketing Association meeting is set for June 14 at Cimarron. This seems to be the best time and location for a meeting now. We would like as many members and potential members to come as possible. Bring spouses.

Southwest Kansas will also feature a Kansas Made show. It looks to be set for September in Dodge City. More details to follow.

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