Kansas Marketing Association

Together We Can Do It!

by Roy O. Seybert, President

It has been six months since KMA was first organized. As I look back over these six months, I realize more than ever the importance of our existence. The time has flown by but we are really off to a good start. Our five member executive committee has worked hard.

We now have reached a point that requires more participation on the part of our members. Therefore, I with suggestions from other members, am in the process of appointing committees to help boost our cause and plan programs. I only hope you will respond positively if you are asked to serve on a committee.

One of the programs that Shirley Voran and I have been working on is Group Insurance for our members. We have several companies that we believe can provide us with an acceptable plan. We will be meeting with each of these companies individually to have them explain their plans.

I am not 100% pleased with our contract with Department of Commerce. Some of the original, verbal agreements, as I understood them, were not in the printed contract. Typical of government bureaucracy.

We are already thinking of next year's catalogue. We will be able to start work on it in January. Your suggestions will be helpful.

Our bylaws have been finalized and approved. We should have them back from the attorney soon and copies made.

I look forward to seeing you at our first KMA Seminar in October and at our 1st annual meeting in February. More information about these events can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

I want to make it clear-we are open to suggestions. This is your organization. It will be what we, cooperatively, make it. If you would like to serve on a committee, please let me know. If you have not joined, I invite you to do so. May I remind you that our purpose is to promote and expand markets for Kansas products. Together we can do it!

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