Kansas Marketing Association

KMA is Your Organization

by Ed Henry, Vice President

Welcome! We hope to be your long-standing and dynamic marketing association working very hard to expand markets for your Kansas products. Our goal is to make this a very non-exclusive organization known for cooperating in whatever way possible with whomever possible to expand markets for your products.

Most of you know that Roy Seybert has been working several years to form such an association. It has finally come together as a result of the huge cut in funds the From the Land of Kansas program took when moved to the Department of Commerce. And I believe our first line of business is to do what we can to restore the respect to the From the Land of Kansas label and to do all we can to make it a big head start in every Kansas business efforts at marketing Kansas products.

Other areas that we have so far identified where a Marketing Association might help is cooperative R & D, insurance, publicity, purchasing, and any other area that surfaces. Since this will be an Association of volunteers we would see, if a need arises, a committee of interested businesses cooperating develop ideas and/or solutions.

Again, this is an Association of Volunteers, so don't expect the world. But, we do hope that together we can sell Kansas products throughout the world!

Call us with any suggestions, concerns or ideas.

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