by Lori Robbins Vice President

That is a question that is often asked. What can the KMA do for my business?" As you know, we are a new organization, just a little over one year old We are working on a cost effective way to print a catalog with greater distribution and greater return on your investment. We have developed a new logo we would like our members to use to promote Kansas products and our organization We are working on ways to get the products we need (boxes, labels, ingredients, etc) at special prices for KMA members Our new membership database will be a source to go to find a company who might need your products or have customer database information

These are great ideas, but I want you to remember that the greatest thing we can do for each other is treat each other as family If you can't fill your customers needs, send them to fellow members who can! Share ideas, needs, wants with each other and take care of each other. If you are headed somewhere, offer to make a delivery for someone! These things will make the KMA strong and prosper The programs we are working on will fall into place Please remember we need every member to contribute to this organization Be on a committee, recruit new members. volunteer to work on a protect This will make the work load light for everyone

Our new officers for 1998 are as follows

Ed Henry - President
Lori Bobbins - Vice-President
Shirley Voran - Secretary
Diana Freund - Treasurer
Jerald Stinson - At-lanqe

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